CIMB ASEAN Scholarship - Khmer

Hello, everyone!

I know. It has been a long time. However, I am back! As good as ever. In case you've been wondering why I haven't posted in sooo long what I have been up to, let me briefly describe.

As you all know, I stopped my last post with a cliff hanger. And most of you are probably wondering-- did she end up getting that CIMB ASEAN Scholarship? I am happy to announce that I did! Here, I will link you to a Phnom Penh Post Interview about it:

Besides from that, I might have not mentioned this in previous posts, however, I am currently pursuing a Bachelors of Engineering in Chemical Engineering with a (likely) minor in Finance. I will go into that a little later.

During the course of my first year here at McGill, I have been involved with the Chemical Engineering Student Society as the U0 representative. I have also volunteered regularly with Promoting Opportunities for Women in Science and Engineering (conferences, etc). Last but not least, I was recently elected as the Finance Coordinator for the EUS Equity Committee. I have got to admit-- first year was a little rough for me. Transitioning from home (across the world) at the age of 16 was not at all fun, emotionally. I think that I might be ready academically, but just the thought of being away from my parents.. that's haunting. I am adjusting a little better now, I think. I am starting to get into the rhythm of things: shopping for groceries, eating on time, etc. I guess some things in life, you just have to do and not overthink about. And I believe moving away (necessarily) falls into this category.

My first year was filled with personal and professional growth. I have grown to be more resilient, more patient, more loving and forgiving. I have learnt to give without expectations, to help others, and to live with myself. This experience wouldn't have been completed without the opportunity to attend the Women in Science and Engineering Conference in Toronto. Thanks to PoWE for that.

As for the Finance part, yep, I have gotten into Finance. Weird story, I sat down for coffee with a dude I had met during the entering week. Not so surprisingly, we never met for a second cup of coffee, however, I did take out a new interest from out meet up. Finance. I came home ready to embark on my journey. I did researchm read on investopedia, learnt terminologies, etc. I have definitely advanced, however I am aware there are muchh more to learn. I will continue this on another post.

As for now, thank you for taking the time to read and take care.



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